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Port Canaveral Transportation

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Port Canaveral Transportation

Our private car service is the best if you are planning to visit Disney World or Universal Studios

Port Canaveral is a port of call where cruise lines generally arrive on Wednesday at 10 A. M. or 12 P. M. and leave by 10 P. M. There will be little difference in timing depending on which cruise you are boarded. All ships leaves at 9 pm, n we personally recommend to leave disney world or univrrsal studios area by 7 pm sharp and get back at your cruise line by 8pm sharp. If you are planning to go on a cruise that makes a one day stop at Port Canaveral, then you must be aware of the things you can do within that time frame in the port. You can either go and spend the day at the Cocoa Beach or visit the Kennedy Space Center in Port Canaveral. You also have another option - you can choose to go to Orlando which is about an hour's drive away and visit the world famous theme parks - Disney World and Universal Studios.

Your cruise liner would charge you something between $75 to $80 per person for a bus ride along with 50 other passengers in order to reach Disney World or Universal Studios. You would be given a time when the bus will start from the port and a time when the bus will return from Orlando and you would have to abide by these timings. You would be spending a lot of money per head and would still have to travel in overcrowded and time-bound conditions.

Nobody likes to travel with a deadline on their heads. Everybody likes to have their freedom to move around from place to place and do things as they please. Moreover, very few people are actually open to making journeys in crowded settings when they have an option to travel only with their family or friends. And that option is exactly what we provide.

Our services allow you to hire a private car for a cheaper cost. The variety of cars leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose to get a town car, SUV, van or a stretch limo. As you are planning to go on a cruise, it is safe to believe that you are looking forward to some days of rest, leisure and luxury. Why should you compromise on that once you are on the land? With a luxury car, you can go out in style and you won't have to abide by deadlines set by another person. You will be your own master and can leave and return whenever you please. You can choose who you travel with and make as many stops along the way as you may deem necessary. If such services are made available to you, then there is no logical reason for accepting anything that is at a lower level than this when it comes to comfort, leisure and style.

We have been transporting for 'Port of Calls' for last 12 years. We have build our name in the transportation industry because of unparalled services that we have offered to our clients. We never had any incident where anyone had any issue getting back to their ship on time when they book their excursion to disney world or to universal studios with united luxury transportation. We are focused on quality of service we offer to our customers, so gradually we have build our relationship.