This is our story…

Back in 1993, we started Port Canaveral Transportation with a small fleet but a big heart! Now, almost three decades later, we have one of the largest fleet of luxury automobiles serving thousands of customers every year. We attribute this success partly to the sheer force of will but mainly to our customers who rewarded our dedication with repeat business.

In the end, everything we do boils down to a very simple philosophy: We don’t think we’re in the transportation business; we are, infact, in the people business! That is what sets us apart from run of the mill limousine hire Services.

We understand that the vehicle is only one aspect of the service, and while a modern, luxury vehicle is definitely important in its own right, what’s even more important is our ability to customize your travel experience around your unique needs and personality. We don’t just offer chauffeured cars. We offer a travel concierge whose sole job is to anticipate your desires and tailor the journey around you.

So whether you’ve booked a Mercedes S Class or a party bus, rest assured that the level of service you’ll receive will be head and shoulders above the rest.

We look forward to welcoming you to Orlando.