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Princess Cruises COVID-19 Protocols

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What to Expect on Princess Cruises 

Welcome to Princess Cruises! t’s nice to know that the cruise industry is coming back to life and we can now talk about different trips to take. It’s been a while since you’ve been able to take a cruise and some things have changed. 

It’s important to recognize that there are new rules and protocols put in place to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Princess has implemented some new COVID-19 protocols that are in accordance with CDC guidelines. We think it’s important that you know what they are.

The reason why this is so important to know is that when you embark on this amazing vacation you and your family and friends are prepared. There’s nothing worse than showing up for a trip and not being able to board because you’re missing certain documentation.

COVID-19 Test Protocols

Princess Cruises passengers will be asked to confirm their status for being fully vaccinated and to also provide in advance of their trip. It’s important to note that guests who do not have proof of vaccination will not be allowed to board. Princess will not be offering refunds to guests who are denied boarding due to being unvaccinated.

Your vaccination proof must be the original documents issued by your countries health authority. Please make sure that your name and birthday match the vaccination record. If you have your proof digitally that is also accepted. Guests must have had their second dose of the vaccine no less than 14 days before boarding the ship.

These requirements have been put in to place by Princess and we must respect them and follow them. You can always contact them if you have any questions or concerns. Princess also recommends that you have the contact information to your countries healthcare provider or clinic site that gave you your vaccine.

Testing Requirements

It’s important to note that all guests must not only be fully vaccinated, but also provide a negative test before boarding. Princess will not “be able to accommodate guests without a negative test.”

“Fully vaccinated guests will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test along with proof of full vaccination upon arrival in the terminal and can then proceed onboard. We will not be able to accommodate guests without proof of a negative test.” – Princess Cruises

For guests that exempt from receiving the vaccine, it must be pre-approved, exemptions are not granted on the day of embarkment. Unvaccinated guests will be adhere to these specific protocols and testing in advance as a condition for travel.

“We will also require ALL fully vaccinated guests to produce a negative, medically-observed COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within 2 days of their embarkation on all Princess sailings.”

Masks and Social Distancing

Princess is strongly encouraging all guests to wear masks when in specific public spaces. When guests are in elevators they will be required to wear their masks at all time with no exceptions. This also goes for all indoor entertainment areas, retail shops and in the casino – except when eating and drinking.

It should also be noted that masks are required to wear masks while being seated at the main dining rooms and in the buffet area. Masks are required during embarkment and when debarking the ship as well. Unvaccinated guests will be required to wear their masks at all times when they are indoors with no exceptions, other than when they are eating or drinking.

For guests going ashore, they must be prepared to follow all of the local COVID-19 protocols and laws and to be respectful of them. Princess will make sure to communicated these rules before arrival.  We need to make sure that we respect the protocols that the countries you visit have implement because we are their guest and they are working hard to make our time with them an enjoyable and fun one.

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