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Travel Agents

Welcome Travel Agents!

As one of the essential members of our industry, we would like to gift you with a return on each of your reservations! On the first reservation, we will grant you a 5% return on the entire order, and for each subsequent one, we’ll give you a 10% commission! It is our wish to forge a strong relationship with you in order to ensure that we can collaborate together in the most effective way possible to preserve each of our reputations within the industry. In order to be eligible for this offer, you must have a valid and active IATA/ARC/CLIA number which will be confirmed by our staff internally. If you do not already possess such, please take a brief moment to register for one.

Please be aware that before booking reservations for your respective clients, you must notify them that you are actively registered with our organization. If you are booking the reservation for your client online, then simply leave us a note in the “Special Instructions” slot so that we can confirm your identity. Also, before booking your reservation, please identify your preferred method of payment. The two options that we currently offer are our agency credit card or the client’s credit card. If you decide to opt to personally pay for the client, we recommend that you choose the pre-pay option to help us streamline our accounting process and help us ensure greater accuracy in our record-keeping. This option also makes it easier for you to calculate your commission as well. For convenience, the whole process may be made easier if you first create a new account on our website because this will enable you to make amendments to your itinerary without having to undergo any extraneous processes. If you are confused about the aggregate total for the trip, we ask you to please refer back to the fare tables that we have provided on our website. If you are still confused after consulting these tables, feel free to give us a call on our business line.

Please take note that all commissions are calculated by the base rate, so gratuities will not be added the equation. If you have decided to use the client’s credit card to cover the total cost of the trip, we will send you commission by check to the address we have listed for you in our files shortly after the conclusion of the program. Also note that the commissions that are granted are based on your individual performance as an agent rather than the entire agency (i.e. each agent within the agency must undergo a separate and exclusive process in order to participate fully).

Please email us your information in order to set up the account, we need this piece of information from you

Agency name, Agent full name, agency address, phone no, IATA/ARC/CLIA #

Please email that at

We appreciate your patience and adherence to the registration guidelines and look forward to collaborating with you again in the near future!