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Port Canaveral Guide

Cruise Terminals information


A Side (North) Cruise Terminals

Cruise Terminals 5 through 8 as well as 10 will be located on the A side of Port Canaveral (North). These cargo terminals are located near the north cargo pier exit on 401 South.

Cruise Terminal 5
Carnival Sensation, Norwegian Sun

This terminal has a splendid view that is composed of two-stories as well as an atrium filled with tropical foliage as well as three separate waterfalls. On the second floor, one can locate an entirely glass lounge that serves as a reception area for those customers and passengers that are waiting to board their respective cruise ships. There is an area built below this portion of the terminal in order to facilitate the process of departure from each cruise ship for the customers. It can often get hectic due to the high volume of individuals that are in the area at the conclusion of the cruise. However, we can help accommodate you so that you don’t have to deal with all of the unnecessary traffic. We’ll already have a fleet of vehicles that are waiting to pick you up in the active loading zone outside of this terminal.

Cruise Terminal 6

Those that are lucky enough to be at cruise terminal 6 will be exposed to one of the latest and greatest in terms of terminal construction. What makes this terminal so extraordinary is its sheer size. It was built in way to accommodate the largest cruise ships in existence with ease. There are also wonderful views that are provided at this terminal. Thus, for any customer that is looking to go on a vacation in the near future and doesn’t want to deal with stressful transfers, this may be the best terminal for you.

Cruise Terminal
8 Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy

This terminal, exclusively created by Disney themselves, underwent recent renovations in the year 2010. The subsequent alterations to the location were created with the intentions of making the entire terminal larger in size. Other unique features that were added to the terminal was a giant walkway which includes a large glass tower. It is only fitting that an experience as magical as a Disney cruise is supplemented by our luxurious services.

Cruise Terminal 10
Carnival Dream, Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of The Seas & Monarch of The Seas

Cruise Terminal 10 is another wonderful terminal that has every feature that you would desire out of a terminal with features such as an automated baggage retrieval system and 3-level passenger areas. Make sure if you end up at this terminal that you look out for us along the covered canopy area. We’ll be parked in the luxury vehicles outside.

B Side (South) Cruise Terminals

Terminals 2 through 4 each refer to different buildings that can be found on the south side of Port Canaveral at the east end of George King Boulevard.

Cruise Terminal 2
Victory Casino Cases

Terminal 2 is designated specifically for the passengers of the Victory Casino Cruises. As with the other cruise ship services, we offer transportation from any location in the Orlando area to this terminal as well. So, don’t be apprehensive about employing our services to ensure that you arrive at your terminal in luxurious style.


No information available at this time


Port-of-Call Ships Terminal 4 is expected to remain dedicated to only port-of-call cruise ships.